Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Knitting Muses

 Today's Featured Mittens
Easter Eggs: Sister Act
       Today's mittens were made for 2 little sisters, Sophie, aged 4,  and Lena, aged 2 months.  They feature Mitten Strings, an essential addition for children's mitts!

        I receive many links and photos and articles from friends, Facebook and otherwise, that address my knitting and mitten obsession.  It is reassuring to see that there is so much interest in knitting in the great wide world!   
         An inspirational picture sent by my friend, Joan.....Thinking of doing this in my Knitting Studio.
Mitten Display:  Gros Morne National Park. 
(Photo: Joan McDaniel)
Pink Knitting Mug
The pink mug I got for Christmas from my sister, Kathy.  Love it!
Yarn Cupboard
     My niece Hayley sent me this idea as a Pink Place to stash my yarn.  And it would match my Pink Mug. 
    Yarn in a Teapot
      Here is a neat way to keep your yarn from tangling when knitting with several colors....Thanks to Hayley and cousin Danielle.  Perfect, considering my tea habit. 
Pop Bottle Yarn Organizer
Yet another solution to tangled yarns from my cousin Susan.  Clever idea!
Knitted Lapel Pin
     This little artifact is on loan from my friend Linda.  This was given to her by a student about 30 years ago.  I am going to try and replicate it...when I get caught up.  Think I will need to knit it on toothpicks. 
Knitting Links
     My niece, Hayley, and my knitting friend, Denise, are both top-knotch at sending me links and ideas about knitting.  Here's a good one they both sent me.  It justifies all the hours spent knitting. 
       Hit the link above to read the article about the great health benefits of knitting which include stress relief, dementia risk reduction, improved concentration, pain distraction, social connection, and technology detoxification. 
      Here is another link sent by Hayley which weds two of my favorite past-times, knitting and reading.  This site is so neat.  It matches an audiobook, which you can download for free, with a knitting project which will take approximately the same amount of time to complete as it will to listen to the book.  For example, while you listen to Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver or Life After Life by Kate Atkinson, you can knit yourself a shawl.  The book and the shawl will take about 15 hours.  In one hour you could knit the Mug Cozy pictured above while listening to Brokeback Mountain by E. Annie Proulx.  Brilliant! 
       In the summer at my cottage where I have a radio and a CD player but no TV, no computer, and no human companions I do a loose version of this practice.  Nugget and I spend many hours knitting and listening to CBC Radio and library books on CDs.  So peaceful.  And productive.
     And yet another interesting article sent by my friend Denise.  Click on the link above to read all about the retired teacher who spent 11 years knitting her husband and coat and cap out of her own hair!
     And my friend and Long Reach neighbor Jennifer is encouraging me to knit for penguins affected by the 2011 Rena oil spill in New Zealand.  Click on the link above for more details. 
And yet another idea from my friend Carolyn.  Click link for details!
      Another link from Hayley....23 Things that Would Happen if Knitters Ran the World.  Real food would be passé, for one thing.  Click on the link to see the other 22 things. 
      Knitting buddy Gillian sent this one.  Click the link to see more knitted fences. 
What more could you ask for?  Thanks, Denise!
     Click this link to see where you fit in the array.  Are you an artistic knitter, a logical knitter, a contented knitter? 
Pithy Messages from Various Friends: 

From my daughter, Julia

      "The motion of knitting isn't all that different from the motion of plugging away at your smartphone all day. Except knitting promotes focus, and the phone promotes distraction."

From Denise

From Hayley
From Knitting Fan and Model, Peggy

 Knitting Fan and Model, Peggy, sporting the custom-designed Nose-Warmer

Thanks to all my Knitting Muses..........

Until Next Time....


  1. wow I love all of these. I did try knitting some years ago and wasn't very successful but I likely quit just before I was destined to get good at it. Love the knitted fence--so weird yet so cool!

  2. Mary, we should get you started on a knitted fence!