Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Knitting Downton Abbey

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       This week Downton Abbey is the theme of my blog.  I have trolled around looking for Downton-inspired knitting patterns and have posted some of my favorites from my search.  I have included links to patterns where possible.  And someday, I am going to knit some of these items!!
     This painting is of the same era as Downton Abbey.  The house and the knitter look modest compared to that which we see on Downton.
Edmund Charles Tarbell 1916
     I think this collar is most suitable for Lady Mary.   Perhaps she could wear it while saving the pigs as she did last week.  So refreshing to see her getting dirty. 
    And this has been labelled as The Lady Edith Jacket, although I think the model looks more like Lady Sybil.  Poor Edith.  How is she going to get out of her pickle????
     And here we have the dreamy Lady Sybil jacket.  How I miss Sybil.  Will Tom Branson stay at Downton or go to America? 
    And I think this outfit was made for Cora.  Is Edith going to tell her the truth?  I think Cora would be understanding. 

     And if you did not want to wear the heavy kimono to the wedding, how about this lacy wedding shawl?
After the weddings, the babies arrive we hope. 

        And these Downton babies are stylin'.  This is intended for Baby Sybil.
     And for Baby George in a couple of years, a sensible, sturdy cardigan!

     I can picture the no-nonsense, pragmatic Isobel in this hat.  Will she ever take a serious interest in Dr. Clarkson? 
      And I think these were made for Cousin Rose.  Will she stay out of trouble? 
     I love these "gauntlets."  I cannot really connect them with our Lady Violet, but they were so-named when I discovered them.  Perhaps it is the denim and the leather in the picture that just does not jibe with Lady Violet.  And the colors of the gauntlets???  Not Lady Violet-ish at all.  Or maybe there is another side to Lady Violet that we have not seen.  (Don't think so.)
      One Pinterest follower suggested that Daisy could wear this Winnowing Shawl when she visits the farm.  Will she and Alfred ever get together?  I love the pattern and color of this.   I love Daisy, too. 

     And although we rarely see Ivy out of her kitchen garb, I think she would look great in this Cloche. 
Perhaps Lady Rosamund Painswick could pull this off.
     Mrs. Hughes could add some color to her black wardrobe with this lilac scarf when she steps out to address the various problems which she is so adept at solving. 
      And this is for Mrs. Patmore, if she ever gets out of the kitchen.  Perhaps she could wear it when she and Mrs. Hughes settle down for their evening cup of tea before bedtime.  She deserves some time out of her apron. 
      I think these are suited to demure Anna.  She would surely keep them hidden from public view. 

     And which of the Ladies of Downton need a pair of elegant Texters/Smokers? 
       Take the Downton Abbey Character quiz.  Which Downtown Abbey Character Are You?   The first time I took this quiz, I came out as Mrs. Hughes.  I just did it again and I came out as Lady Mary Crawley.   Cold, mean, desperate.....hmm, sounds about right! 
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  1. I love the fingerless gloves. I also wish I could wear a flapper cloche hat--they look "funny" on me. They look so sophisticated on the show.

  2. Yes, I like those hats too but cannot wear them. Can't go wrong with the fingerless gloves, though!