Saturday, 31 October 2015

Reverse Halloween

October 31st

     Although I’m not a great fan of Hallowe’en, I do capitulate to societal expectations in this area.  We are just hours away from the little Halloween goblins ringing our doorbell for candy and I am prepared.  

Kids at the Door

     Two weeks ago my “Little Brother” Noel and I did the candy shopping at The Superstore.  After careful mathematical calculations, we agreed that the 90 piece box of bite-size bars offered the best taste appeal and, at $10.00, the best bang for the buck.  Like me, Noel’s math skills are quite sharp when there is a dollar sign involved.  In an effort to be well-prepared, I snapped up a box of Hershey Bars, brought it home and put it out of sight.  It took about 2 days before my room-mate Tom spotted it.  Another day passed before one of us eased open the box lid.  The 90 morsels were gone within days.  

Bite-Sized Bars

     But that was OK; the sale was still on at The Superstore.  With only a week to go before October 31st, Tom came home with another box.  Within a day, the lid was lifted....and you can guess the rest of that story.  Here it is October 31st, and there are 24 treats left…..all Reese’s Pieces, obviously the least favorite in the collection.  

Pre-Halloween Leftovers

     Not wanting to be caught without candy, Tom picked up a little more at Costco yesterday.  Now I think we have invested about $50.00 in candy, and we have consumed several thousand nutrient-deficient calories.  I am hoping we can resist opening this shipment until the doorbell rings this evening.  

Calorie Content of Mini-Bars 

     In the midst of one of our post-supper, candy-eating frenzies a couple of days ago, Tom came up with a great idea.  He does that sometimes.  Perhaps it was the sugar, the serotonin, the dopamine, or, as he likes to think, sheer brilliance.   He proposed that instead of kids coming to the door to GET candy, they could come to the door and give US candy.  Yeah!!  I liked the idea.  A sort of REVERSE HALLOWEEN.  

Reverse Halloween

    When we told Noel, our Little Moral Compass, he said he didn’t think that would be fair. He suggested that maybe we could TRADE candy at the door, you know, look in the children's bags, see what they have, and offer a trade from our big bowl of Reese's Pieces. 

Moral Compass

     Maybe we’ll give that a try!  If you drive by and see egg all over the side of the house, you will know Reverse Halloween was a failure.

Egged House

..........Until Next Time...........