Friday, 29 January 2016

My Playlist

My Playlist

I know there are a lot of list-makers out there. Many of us structure our days with lists; there is such a sense of accomplishment to strike the items off.  There is the grocery list, the honeydew list, the hit list, the to-do list, the wish list. Although I love lists, I steer away from the currently trendy “Bucket List” as I find the finality of that idea hard to face.  

Bucket List

Then there is The Playlist.  I love the CBC radio show, Inside the Music: My Playlist where well-known Canadian musicians play their favourite pieces of music and talk about them between songs.  It is interesting to hear what they like and see how that music might have influenced them.

CBC Radio: My Playlist

I decided I would create my own playlist.  Hmm!  Harder than I thought!  After hours of reflecting and sifting and sorting and revising, I'm still not totally happy with my final list, but at least I have something to work from when CBC gives me a call!  I see that my narrowed list mostly represents the artists I loved in my "formative" years.  There is probably something significant in that!

Boulder to Birmingham—Emmylou Harris

Unknown Legend—Neil Young 

Rainy Night House – Joni Mitchell

Forever Young---Bob Dylan

Light as the Breeze—Leonard Cohen

Angel From Montgomery—John Prine

Lucille --- Fred Eaglesmith

North Country Blues--Joan Baez

Fields of Gold--Eva Cassidy

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face--Roberta Flack

Now you give it a try.  What would be on your playlist?  

Until Next Time......