Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Learning Curve

The Learning Curve

Proceed with Caution

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about learning. As you know, I am a retired teacher, so I’ve always thought about learning, but I’m not referring to “school” learning. I’m talking about things I learned that are so important to me now in my “leisure” years. 


Like swimming. I learned to swim when I was about six at my grandfather’s beach under the patient guidance of my Uncle John and Aunt Muriel. Thank you for teaching me to swim! Fifty-four years later, I still swim frequently, and I love it! My life would be less if I did not have my swimming.

At Grampy's Beach circa 1963

And knitting. If you read my blog, you know I spend a lot of hours on the needles. What would I do without that? How could I possibly justify the hours I spend with Netflix if I was not doing something productive at the same time? You see, I also learned the Protestant Work Ethic to a degree along the way. 

Protestant Work Ethic

I learned to knit in my grandfather’s parlour under the careful tutelage of my Aunt Audrey. Thank you Audrey! She also gave me my first taste of alcohol in that very parlour where alcohol was strictly forbidden. So in addition to knitting, I learned how to break the rules a bit, and that sherry is not meant to be gulped. Sip it.

Fine Old Sherry

And reading. Well, I don’t exactly remember the one moment I caught on to reading. I guess that was a team effort between home and school. I remember Dick and Jane readers in Grade Two. I loved them. I loved Spot and and Puff and Zeke and Sally and Mother and Father and that car. That perfect life they had. 

See Sally Run!

And I remember the first book I read at home, Arty the Smarty. I recommend it. Reading. God, how empty my life would be without that. Thank you Dick and Jane and Arty the Smarty!

Arty, Bold and Curious

So here is an exercise for you: Think of 3 things you love to do. Who taught you how to do them? Maybe you would like to thank them. If they are in heaven, you could send a prayer.

...Until Next Time...