Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The Lumbersexual

The Lumbersexual:

Are You???

Have you noticed the relatively new trend in male style known as the lumbersexual?My superficial research on the subject says the term "lumbersexual" was coined about 3 years ago. 
The Lumbersexual

According to Wikipedia, "lumbersexual or urban lumberjack is a man who has adopted style traits typical of a traditional lumberjack, namely a beard, plaid shirt, and scruffy hair, substituting otherwise clean-cut and fashionable style choices. Denver Nicks described the trend as perhaps an attempt to "reclaim masculinity". (Wikipedia) 
Obviously, it's more than a fashion trend.

 You Can Do It!

The lumbersexual is not to be confused with the lumberjack. Lumbersexuals have probably never wielded an ax or hung off the end of a chainsaw. Many say the look is modelled after America's favourite lumberjack, Paul Bunyan.

Paul Bunyan: Lumberjack

Last week I  went to a 40th year anniversary reenactment of The Band's farewell concert The Last Waltz.

The Last Waltz

Local bands re-enacted the concert at The Boyce Farmers’ Market and it was crawling with lumbersexuals, most of whom were not born when The Last Waltz happened in San Francisco in 1976. Bob Dylan, Nobel Laureate, would probably fit the profile of a lumbersexual. Neil Young--definitely. 

The Last Waltz , 1976

I ran into a former student/teacher’s pet at this event. When I commented to him that the place was full of lumbersexuals, he told me that New Brunswick has always been full of men with big bushy beards wearing plaid. Now the look is trendy and it has a name. He has a point. My father worked in the woods and always wore plaid. No beard. Let me assure you, he was no adherent to fashion trends!

Lumberjacks or Lumbersexuals?

As I was researching the lumbersexual, I wondered if there was a “female” equivalent. I didn’t find much except a few pictures. Then again, the movement is about reclaiming a certain kind of masculinity.


The Baby Lumbersexual might look something like this:

Baby Lumbersexual

Here we have an idea of what a woman might wear while hanging out with a lumbersexual. 
Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge

Many celebs are “rockin’” the Lumbersexual look, such as Ryan Reynolds, 
Ryan Reynolds

and Ryan Titus.
Ryan Titus in Home-Grown Alpaca

As a Knitting Entrepreneur, I am planning to cash in on this fashion phenomenon. Take a look at my Lumbersexual Line. These coordinating mittens went to a lumbersexual couple in Toronto:
Toronto Lumbersexual Mittens

This pair adorns the hands of a New Brunswick lumbersexual.
NB Lumbersexual Mittens

Socks for the Baby Lumbersexual:
LumberBaby Socks

Mitts for the Toddler Lumbersexual.
LumberToddler Mitts

Mittens for the LumberFeminine:

Let me know if you would like to place an order!!

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