Thursday, 29 December 2016

Christmas in Colorado

Christmas in Colorado

Does this sound like the title of a Hallmark Christmas Movie to you? I hope so! We are just back from our Christmas in Colorado where the nine of us worked on our debut movie, a collaborative work of fiction. A sneak preview...


Emma Mathieson
Jarrett Fraser
Lindsey Gillies
Rob Gillies
Julia Mathieson
Kim Fraser
Eddy Fraser
Tom Mathieson
Barb Fullerton


The remote mountain village of Breckerville, Colorado is being threatened by big business as heartless Tom Mogul moves in with the intention of building a ski resort complete with condos, theme parks, and day spas. 

Breckerville, Colorado

The potential development will decimate local businesses including The Crepe Escape owned by the town’s most eligible bachelor, Rob Goodguy and his mother, Kim, a former country music artist. Recovering from a broken heart, Rob has thrown himself into his fledgling business in an effort to fill the void left when his childhood sweetheart moved to the coast.

The Crepe Escape

The cosy bakery next door, Christmas Cookie, cannot possibly survive the takeover. Twenty-nine-year-old Lindsey Shortbread has just moved back home leaving an unfulfilled romance and a high-powered career on Wall Street to help her father, Edward, retired racecar driver, with the family business. Even Lindsey's substantial savings are not enough to save the sweetest bakery in Colorado. 

 Christmas Cookie

Emma Redken, proprietor of Emma’s Cut and Curl, owns the key piece of property Tom Mogul needs to complete his hostile takeover. 

Emma's Cut and Curl

A fourth-generation loyal resident of Breckerville, Emma is tempted by Mogul's generous monetary offer as she needs a substantial amount of money for her dog Pantene's liposuction and tummy tuck. 

Pantene and The Ladies

Breckerville's dispensary-owner and mayor, Julia Matchmaker, is determined to preserve the town’s wholesome way of life. She recruits the town sheriff, Jarrett Lawmaker, and his deputy, Barb Blackheart, to organize a crowd-sourcing campaign to raise enough funds to outbid the callous business tycoon before the Christmas Eve deadline.


Will it be a joyous Christmas in Breckerville this year? Intrigue and romance abound in this riveting tale of a tight-knit community standing up to corporate America. 

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