Wednesday, 26 April 2017



I couldn’t decide whether to write about Forest Bathing, Mono-Tasking, Thought Monogamy, or Marbles this month. I’ve opted for marbles as it seemed most fitting for the season. I’ll save those other intriguing subjects for another time!


When is the last time you played marbles? I think grade four was my peak marble year. Tag, skipping and marbles were the top activities on our playground at that time. I was pretty good at marbles. Remember the rules? Clearsies, keepsies, fairsies, pinky shots? I had a neat black leather marble bag with a drawstring that held my crockies and my aggies. 

Marble Bag

I don’t remember the “cat’s eye” marble being in my grade four lexicon. However, it’s a very important motif in Margaret Atwood’s 1988 novel, if you care to do some literary exploration on marbles.

 Cat's Eye

On Easter Weekend, in a game with my Little Brother Noel, and his little brother, Kolten, I found out that I’m still pretty good at marbles. Bending over is a bit of a challenge, but I still have a mean pinky shot. 

Marbles with Noel, Kolten and Nugget

There was more to Easter weekend than playing marbles. There was biking on the trail...

Trail-Bikin' With the Boys

...and the Easter Egg Hunt. I splurged and bought four bags of foil-wrapped eggs at the Dollar Store. I hid 60 eggs around the house and yard. After the two boys found them all, and counted them, I hid them again. And again. And again. That $6.60 went a long way. 

Easter Eggs in a Fancy Easter Basket

All of this marble/spring activity/nostalgia is to remind you of the rewards of being a Big Sister to a sweet little boy. When I signed on to this gig, I didn’t give much thought to what this relationship would bring to me. Spending time with this kind, thoughtful,creative, inquisitive, reflective, appreciative little boy brings great joy to me and my extended family.  

Ice-Fishing at Killarney Lake

Consider becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister. It’s all about spending time, not money. Currently, there are about 40 kids in our area awaiting a match. You too could re-discover your prowess in marbles! It’s a definite ego-booster.
(Click on this link for more informationBBBS).

Adult Marble Champion

April is the major fund-raising month for BBBS. Thanks to many of my friends have already donated to this year’s campaign which ends on April 30th. If you would like to contribute online, follow the link below. Thank you for your support in funding this organization that makes a positive difference in kids’ lives.
Donate to BFKS:My Little Brother, Noel

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  1. Ben loves marbles. We have not introduced playing outside with them yet, but he has a set of wooden blocks to make marble runs in the house. I often find one or two under furniture!

    You are such a fun big sister!