Monday, 29 August 2016

Little Red Hen House????

Little Red Hen House????

For the last couple of years, I have been dreaming of a garden shed for the top of my hill, near the rhubarb patch.  I love it there; the wind is always blowing, and the scenery is incomparable.

View from the Hill

The most important criteria for my garden shed was that it would fit a couch. I have visions of going in there to have a nap when I am picking rhubarb or working in the garden.  The other criteria, of course, is that it not be too costly, given my miserly streak. 

Verandah Couch Bound for the Garden Shed

I put the word out to my relatives, many of whom are genius at finding and re-purposing treasures the less innovative person would simply discard.  Soon, I had a lead on a garden shed looking for a home. When I opened its door to check for couch dimensions, the first thing I saw were empty banana boxes smiling right at me. I knew then this was the garden shed for me, banana boxes being an essential component of my Rhubarb Industry. 

Smiling Banana Boxes

Within days, the garden shed was delivered to my hill amid a great flurry of activity that drew crowds of dogs and people. 

Delivery of Garden Shed

The Crowds Gather

Although the interior decorator has not yet made a mark, the potential is obvious. It came with some charming features including a three-tiered bunk bed, or shelving unit,

Bunk Beds
and a unique yet effective lock.

I have already added a few crucial items including Tom’s hat in case he wants to help in the hot sun.
Tom's Hat

My polka-dot gardening gloves, fingertips worn through.
Gardening Gloves

A few gardening tools, should the spirit move me.
A blessing by the door.

Additional Security.

Nugget on Duty

On Pinterest, they call these coveted little buildings “She Sheds”, the female equivalent to a “Man Cave.” And they look something like this:

She Shed 1

She Shed 2

She Shed 3

She Shed 4

She Shed 5

She Shed 6

And this is mine. The "before" picture. Before the paint, the verandah, the satellite dish. I'll keep you posted!

Little Red Hen House

...Until Next Time...


  1. Congratulations on this latest acquisition. Perhaps once you get the couch installed you might advertise as a rustic hilltop b & b, to raise funds for decorating it. Any bushes handy for the guests to use in lieu of washroom facilities?

  2. I'm liking She shed #6 for your little piece of heaven.

  3. Have you used it for any naps yet?
    Hope that it is level and that you can put a window in it for a cross breeze. Couple of folding chairs and you are set! You won't get any work done....
    Speaking of work.... I have to go.

    1. Oh, do you have to work??? Too bad.....