Saturday, 7 March 2015

Every Mitten Tells a Story: Dedicated to Peggy and Mike

Mittens in Nature

In September, while on a bike trip in PEI with 6 of my cycling friends,
Biker Gang (or Cycling Group)
we visited Prince Edward Island National Park, Greenwich, near St Peter’s in the eastern end of PEI. 
Prince Edward Island
As a Manic Mitten Maker, I observed and discussed the palette of autumn colors as I walked with Peggy, a real artist, through the forest, over a boardwalk, across the dunes, down to the beach and the mighty Atlantic Ocean. 

A Walk in the Park
I was thinking of how I could work those colours into a pair of mittens.  Peggy was undoubtedly thinking of how she could represent those colours and textures in a watercolour painting. 
Peggy's Painting Tools

In October, Mike, yet another artist and member of our Cycling Party, posted a photo of the Sunpoke Marsh, on his Facebook page. 
Sunpoke Marsh by Mike
I was intrigued by the colours and composition of that photo, and the name of the place----Sunpoke Marsh.  Downright poetic.  I owed Mike for a case of beer and he suggested that I pay him in mittens rather than cash.  Well, you know how I feel about cash and how I feel about mittens, so I was all over that deal!

Mike’s Mittens: Sunpoke Marsh
 In December, I got a special request from Peggy for a pair of mittens that would reflect our colour journey in the PEI park.  Well, I just finished them and here they are.  Remember, as you read this mitten, Every Mitten Tells a Story……

 Every Mitten Tells a Story

Start with the cuff as you walk through the woods, brown deciduous and green coniferous.

Observe the yellow reeds in the blue/green still water as you traverse the boardwalk over the marsh.

Climb over the dunes of fine sand that has occasional spurts of colour in the form of muted grasses and vibrant weeds.

Walk across the sand to the edge of the water, blue/green as it pushes against the beach.

Notice the white edge of every wave just before it breaks against the shore.

Lift your head and look toward the horizon to see the gradations of blue green in the ocean.

Now lift your eyes up, up into the cloudless blue sky.  See the seagulls up there? 

Until Next Time..............


  1. Thanks for sharing Barb. Love the mittens, the blog, your pictures, and reading about all your adventures.

  2. It looked just as you described and just as the mitten showed. Nice!

  3. I wonder if you could knit a walk through NY city or a large meal at my table?

    1. I think I could do that, Patrick. I am a mitten artist, after all!