Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Knitting Studio

Today's Featured Mittens
Gentle Dawn and Blazing Sunset

     I have reclaimed my daughter Emma's bedroom as my Knitting Studio.  I (almost) literally shovelled the last of her belongings into the closet and carefully closed the door.  I then set about creating my space for "woolgathering."  The redecoration is not quite complete, but it is gradually evolving into my space. 

The Knitting Studio
     This may look messy, but it is a "working" studio.  Everything there, and everything in its place. 
The Artist's Palette
      This definitely looks messy, but it is not.  This is a collection of leftover yarn from my own projects as well as from friends who are happy to unload their leftovers on me.  I am pleased to take them and make use of them, eventually.  One of the reasons I annexed this space as a knitting studio was so I could spread my dribs and drabs of yarn out, grouping like colors together. That way I can better see what I have and what colors might go together in a suitable design.  Much better than having them hidden in plastic bags but you do need quite a lot of space to do this.  

     I have some very small bits of yarn that I cannot bear to throw away because I am cheap, a hoarder and like the challenge of finding a way to use these scraps in mittens.  The balls are so small, however, that they get tangled up easily and cause a mess.  So I have borrowed from the toolshed practice of putting nails, screws, nuts, washers, etc of various sizes into glass jars so you can see what you have at a glance.  I am also happy to reuse glass bottles that would ordinarily get thrown away. 
       I also have the new stock displayed on open shelves so I can see the colors available.  Sometimes, sitting in a rocking chair or re-charging on Aunt Gladys' cot, I will get an inspiration from looking at the yarn.
Design Department
     Well, really it's just a corkboard with some crucial notes and pictures tacked to it.  Useful!
Entertainment Centre
     Among my tools, I have my now retro Radio/CD player so I can spend time with Emmylou Harris, John Prine, Fred Eaglesmith, Jian Ghomeshi, Eleanor Wachtel, Shelagh Rogers, Rex Murphy, Bob Dylan... the list goes on....
Tea Time
Always time for a cup of tea....
Aunt Gladys' Cot
     The cot does list a little to one side but is adequate for naps of short duration to recharge creativity.  It is covered by the Dresden Plate quilt my mother made me when I graduated from high school 39 years ago.  The quilt is tattered and torn but keeps me in touch with my mother and her creative handiwork.  Goldilocks has slept in this spot.  It was "just right"!!!

Finishing Department
     This crucial piece of equipment has not yet found its exact place in the studio.

The Dressing Room
     I found this heavy old mirror at Value Village for $10.00!! The maintenance crew does not yet have it hung on the wall.  As you can see, the maintenance crew has a rather hang-dog demeanor. 

Production #1

Production #2

Quality Control #1


Finished Products
     Named, turnip-tagged and ready for shipment.  (Starry, Starry Night; Aurora Borealis: Snow Flurries at Night)

Ice Wine
     Ice wine container--perfect size for a pair of children's mittens.  Enhances the winter theme....snowflakes and the word Neige...(Mittens: SnowFlecks)
Single Malt Scotch
     And then there is the Glenfiddich container for the adult sized mittens. (Mittens: EarthBound)

The Daily Gleaner 

The blue plastic bag the newspaper comes in everyday (Mittens: North Pole) 

 Wall Art
Awaiting the maintenance crew for installation.

Punching the Clock



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  1. Lovely post, as usual! Keep them coming. I am enjoying this little sneak peak into your woolgathering world!

    1. Thanks, Danielle. I'm so glad you too are exploring the "World of Wool!"

  2. I love it!! Every little bit of it. I did not know that you had such an extensive collection of wool nor such a good looking maintenance crew. Great use of recycling - truly inspired. I still have the single bed quilt that Charlotte gave to me....so long ago. It is becoming worn and frayed so it only gets hung on the wall. Actually, when Dad was in the hospital, I took it up to him for a nicer, homier blanket and it comforted him greatly. Your room is great, perhaps one of these days, I too, will have a room to call my own.

    1. Nice quilt story, Hayley. The artifacts are comforting. As your nest empties, you will be able to have a "room of your own".

  3. You have been one busy woman. Such fun to see a wool shoppe in progress. Love the use of the glass jars. Ours hold nails and bits which are not nearly as lovely as yours.

    1. Thanks, Mary. I have been influenced by the Tim Horton's PP Group. Tell Mike!

  4. Should I start saving my Scotch and Wine containers. We get the paper daily,out bags are pink, you could hae a colour for boys and girls...Do you only use wool yard for your mittens, just in case I come across a bundle of yarn somewhere...you take recycling to a great level. You ARE an inspiation.

    1. I do like the idea of those pink bags! I also use them for doggy-do but I really do not need to import them from Halifax! I do use mostly wool for mittens but sometimes I will mix in acrylic if I need a certain color. What I am always looking for (at a cheap price) is the "fun yarn" such as boa which I use on the cuffs of mittens. So if you find any of that cheap at a yard sale, rummage sale etc, I would love to have it. Thanks, Susan.

  5. You are brilliant. Can't wait to visit in person. Gave the mittens to Mary Ruth for her 32nd bday!! Amazing. Just the winter for them. Thanks. You have inspired Grammu who is now naming her socks!! Abby got Jack in the Beanstock and Cowboy.... this last visit. Way to go Barb!

    1. Jack in the Beanstalk and Cowboy! I can picture them. Maybe I will be able to recruit your mother to work on my production line. As you can see, my staff is a bit reluctant at times.

  6. I just noticed your painting. I have one that looks almost exactly the same, it might even be the same, hard to tell with the lighting. What an odd coincidence.